Ukrainian dating customs

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And now a few words about the Ukrainian omens for you not to be very surprised spending your time in Ukraine.Put something on inside out is considered to be an omen that you will be beaten.Traditions in Ukraine are interesting and unique, they are versatile and widespread!It is interesting that your young people are pleased to keep them – the tourists tell us. This fact confirms the existence of the folk soul, gratitude to our ancestors, deep memory (the scientists call it the archetypical memory) and perception of generation connection.

A traditional Ukrainian crosswise haircut is performed at the first anniversary of birth.Ukrainian customs connected to the birth of a child are filled with the rites and using of amulets.And also with many omens traditional in our country.The youth, mischievous, poetic and very old holiday of Ivana Cupala (the night to July, 7), like in many Slavic nations, was connected with the Day of solstice some time ago.Nowadays you can see the girls to sing and dance in a ring and put the wreaths made of the flowers into the water and the guys jump over the fire and look for the blossoming fern.

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