Updating clamav database

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malwarepatrol_list="clamav_basic" # clamav_basic or clamav_ext malwarepatrol_free="yes" # Set to yes if you have a Free account or no if you are a Premium customer.Milter Socket /run/clamav/Milter Socket Mode 660 Fix Stale Socket yes User clamav Pid File /run/clamav/Temporary Directory /tmp Clamd Socket unix:/var/lib/clamav/Log Syslog yes Log Infected Basic # Enables on-access scan, requires clamd service running Scan On Access true # Set the mount point where to recursively perform the scan, # this could be every path or multiple path (one line for path) On Access Mount Path /usr On Access Mount Path /home/ On Access Exclude Path /var/log/ # Flag fanotify to block any events on monitored files to perform the scan On Access Prevention false # Perform scans on newly created, moved, or renamed files On Access Extra Scanning true # Check the UID from the event of fanotify On Access Exclude UID 0 # Specify an action to perform when clamav detects a malicious file # it is possible to specify an inline command too Virus Event /etc/clamav/# WARNING: clamd should run as root User root #!

The package maintainers can be reached at clamav-devel at lists.alith. Clam AV is included in the open Su SE distribution and in Novell’s Su SE Linux Enterprise products.

To use these packages, pick the subdirectory for your Su SE version from the open Su Se website Use the update variant for open Su SE, add it to your installation as another repository using Ya ST or zypper and give it a higher priority (lower number) than the repository that delivers the official updates.

RPMs of new Clam AV versions for existing Su SE products are provided through the respective online update channels.

To add the most important ones in a single step, install . Malware Patrol, Securite Info, Yara, Linux Malware Detect, etc.

For the full list of databases, see the description of the Git Hub repository.

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