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Just select an online panel from the preceding and inside that just select the All option.Then you will see a search option at the right corner of the screen; just type Dapper and click on the search button.Now we will see a simpler way to access data from a database using an open source ORM called Dapper. You can check the Code Licence at Dapper - a simple object mapper for . Let's start with the procedure to easily understand.It is easy to use and write compared to Entity Framework. Step 1: Geting Dapper You can get Dapper from the Nuget Package Manager.attribute here: https://github.com/Raring Coder/Dapper It is bundled in with some aesthetic changes, an update to how property caching works, and some code de-duplication.The current implementation simply adds the version to the if the database doesn't handle version for you? Before I go for a full PR, I want some advice on how better to handle a concurrency collision other than simply not updating any rows (the current implementation).Execute( name of query , Dynamic Parameters )Some people may think, what is con. Here is a snapshot for inserting a statement with Dapper. Execute I am just passing my query and parameters and we are getting parameters from the model while we post data.

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Step 6: Editing Records (EDIT / UPDATE)Now I will show you the Edit Records part using Dapper.The few steps for the Edit are the same as for the Create.Here we have both [Httppost] and [Http Get]The [Http Get] method will contain Input parameters as the ID for getting the record for Editting.After installing you will see this in you References.Here is a snapshot: Adding Model After adding the controller I am adding the Model.

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