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is a sealed source containing a quantity equal to or greater than Category 1 or Category 2 levels of any radioactive material listed in Appendix E of this part. 20.2003 Disposal by release into sanitary sewerage. (radiation monitoring, radiation protection monitoring) means the measurement of radiation levels, concentrations, surface area concentrations or quantities of radioactive material and the use of the results of these measurements to evaluate potential exposures and doses.The About This Mac window will show which version of OS X you have.You need be running one of the following: If you have an ancient Mac with an OS predating Snow Leopard, you will need to install Snow Leopard before then moving to Yosemite. If you have determined that your Mac can run Yosemite, then (as always) your first move before upgrading should be to perform a system backup to protect your data. means an area, accessible to individuals, in which radiation levels from radiation sources external to the body could result in an individual receiving a dose equivalent in excess of 0.1 rem (1 m Sv) in 1 hour at 30 centimeters from the radiation source or 30 centimeters from any surface that the radiation penetrates. means any executive department, commission, independent establishment, corporation wholly or partly owned by the United States of America, which is an instrumentality of the United States, or any board, bureau, division, service, office, officer, authority, administration, or other establishment in the executive branch of the Government.

Details of the APARs listed below can be accessed by clicking the link for the APAR number.

20.1906 Procedures for receiving and opening packages. 20.2002 Method for obtaining approval of proposed disposal procedures. (individual monitoring equipment) means devices designed to be worn by a single individual for the assessment of dose equivalent such as film badges, thermoluminescence dosimeters (TLDs), pocket ionization chambers, and personal ("lapel") air sampling devices. It includes material that has been shipped but has not reached its destination and whose location cannot be readily traced in the transportation system.

20.2007 Compliance with environmental and health protection regulations. means— (1) The assessment of dose equivalent by the use of devices designed to be worn by an individual; (2) The assessment of committed effective dose equivalent by bioassay (see Bioassay) or by determination of the time-weighted air concentrations to which an individual has been exposed, i.e., DAC-hours; or (3) The assessment of dose equivalent by the use of survey data.

Updating the Hack-i-ntosh is a very panic process for newbies so it is advised to make the backup of existing system before updating. Open the terminal & perform following command’s without quotes. ”sudo –s” *type password* ”while sleep 1;” ”do rm –rf /System/Library/Extensions/Apple Intel CPUPower Management.kext;done” Go back to your terminal and press Control C to end the script.

This guide is for Non vanila or hacked kernel & INTEL based system only. In terminal type: ”nano /System/Install At Startup/scripts/1” Replace the line Dont Steal Mac OS with if any exists.

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