Updating spade to modular phones

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Brightness is also limited, as you might expect from a unit of this size. A rigid cradle to position any Moto Z phone into, the Game Pad comes with all the physical controls you could need to transform the phone into a gaming device.Created by Lenovo - you can tell, given the illuminated red Legion symbol to the pad's rear (that's the gaming arm of Lenovo) - paired with an older-gen or second-hand phone and it's a great way to play Android games when on the go.Following the launch of the Z2 Play and Z2 Force, some Mods operate on second-generation hardware: they still fit just the same, but don't use all the connecting pins if not needed, in a bid to reduce cost. For some Mods you may have to go through a couple of setup pages, but Lenovo promises it only takes a couple of quick taps to get each one set up.Once Mods are connected they communicate with any Z-series phone, where a dedicated software area - accessible in the swipe-down Android shortcuts shade - details full info relative to the attached Mod.The smartphone industry is always seeking the next big thing.For Motorola that's Moto Mods (or Moto Snaps in some territories): clip-on Moto Z accessories - such as cameras, projectors, printers and more - that can transform a phone's functionality or style.These transmit data and power between the Mod and the phone.

For 2017 there's the Sound Boost 2, the fabric-covered, splashproof second-gen model with a better contoured design.

Long before the Moto Z was an actual product, rumours suggested we'd see a unique modular camera made by Hasselblad, the company better known for building hideously expensive studio quality cameras.

That Mod, the True Zoom, delivers a 10x optical zoom lens, from a 25-250mm equivalent.

The Mod amplifies the phone's sound, looking to replace the need for a portable speaker.

It has a built-in 1,000m Ah battery to extend the host phone's battery life, too, and a kick-stand so that the audio isn't just firing upwards into the air, or downwards into whatever surface the device would be lying on.

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