Updating spade to modular phones

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The JBL Sound Boost is available to buy now, priced in the States and £70 in the UK.

The JBL Sound Boost 2 will be priced and is due to launch alongside the Z2 Play, estimated to be August 2017 in the UK.

Here's a run-down of the Moto Mods available and a nod to the future of what to expect next.

Each Mod attaches to the back of any Moto Z-series phone using the a collection of really strong built-in magnets.

The smartphone industry is always seeking the next big thing.

For Motorola that's Moto Mods (or Moto Snaps in some territories): clip-on Moto Z accessories - such as cameras, projectors, printers and more - that can transform a phone's functionality or style.

The results aren't the punchiest ever as a result, but the ability to print out such fun snaps does make this Mod one of the most fun in the range.

The Mod amplifies the phone's sound, looking to replace the need for a portable speaker.

It has a built-in 1,000m Ah battery to extend the host phone's battery life, too, and a kick-stand so that the audio isn't just firing upwards into the air, or downwards into whatever surface the device would be lying on.

Like any good camera, you can adjust any settings like shutter speed, manual focus, aperture, ISO sensitivity, white balance and exposure. A Xenon flash is built-in for more even, brighter flash coverage.

The True Zoom doesn't come cheap though: it's priced 0-300 in the States, or £199 in the UK.

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