Updating vizio firmware

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So you have a wireless router that has been quietly serving Wi-Fi to your household for many years? Chances are, if you answered yes to either question, you may not have upgraded your router’s firmware in quite some time.

This update addresses moments where your Sound Stand becomes unresponsive to remote control commands suddenly and a power cycle (unplug power and plug back in) is necessary to remedy the problem. The LEDs will turn off when the update is completed. When it comes to the update steps, due to the large variety of devices and numerous ways for installing a new firmware, it is recommended that you carefully read and understand the upgrade steps, and consider applying a different firmware only when you have familiarized yourself with the update method.

Do not unplug the power cable or remove the USB thumb drive from the Sound Stand. However, bear in mind that applying an older firmware isn’t recommended and might not always be possible.

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The VIA bar doesn't stop loading and I cannot access it.

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