Venus williams dating woody harrelson

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Howard said he isn't going to do 4 months like he did with his movie. He said Ivan Reitman was great and Betty Thomas was great. He said if he does a movie they're not going to look out for him. He said she was showering and he kind of knows what that means. Howard said she's saying that women who were raped are sending out a signal and they're asking for it. Howard had a clip of a congresswoman blaming sexual assault on women being too inviting. Howard said that little Paris is quite a catch with all of that money. He said She must look like her mother since there's no Michael there.

Howard said if it was a great role with just a 2 day shoot or something he'd do it. Howard said that Bill O'Reilly was on Trump's side. She said she's a different person now and men are going to approach her in a different way. Robin said she comes out on the wrong side of every argument.

Howard took a call from Ronnie's Mom who was talking about how Ronnie came out of her cunt 68 years ago. Ronnie's Mom asked if Howard's mom ever talked about him coming out of her snatch. Howard said he heard Ronnie saying that he drove the limo right out of her hole. She said if she could pop him back into her cunt she'd birth him all over again. Ronnie's Mom asked Howard to give Ronnie a big kiss for her. She also told Robin to shut her fucking hole when she said something to her. Howard took a call from a guy who said he tried to Baba Booey a news team where he's at up in Maine. Howard said if he did it live on air it probably got out. He said that Kevin is now saying that he doesn't remember doing it to this kid and he's saying that he's sorry if it did happen.

He had Ronnie telling her about his panther tattoo and about picking up a bouncy castle to play in for his birthday. She said it was like shitting a bowling ball out of her cunt. The guys had Ronnie's Mom talking about how it felt. Fred was still playing clips of Ronnie yelling out 68 and 69. Robin said she went because she loves these people. Howard said he used to admire him for staying with the same woman after 70 years. Howard said they say in the news that he picked him up and put him on a bed.

Howard said the hottest Christmas gift back then was chattering teeth. They were looking for a balloon with the number 68 on it. Howard took a call from a guy who said Robin was talking about that reveal party and he saw one of them a few months ago. Fred said he's not sure but he had a lot of things he had to get straight in his life and he didn't want to bring a woman into that. Howard said he's not a big fan of the Howard Stern's penis thing but he does love it when it stops a whole show. Howard took a call from a guy who asked what he thinks about Kevin Spacey and about President Bush's ass grabbing. He said that Annabella Sciorra is claiming that Harvey raped her. He said the whole thing sounds horrible for both of them.

He said gas was 22 cents a gallon and the average yearly salary was ,600. Howard said Ronnie loves cars and when he was born this is what the commercials sounded like. Howard played a phony phone call Richard made to a woman using clips of Ronnie yelling out his age. Howard asked Fred what happened to him because he was A-sexual and then he met his wife. The people on the show didn't have anything to say to that. He said that the Harvey Weinstein thing is really weird.

Howard said he hates that people have nothing to do. Robin said she thought they were making a comeback. Howard said he just saw that Ronnie had a birthday on Saturday. Howard said the big hit song in 1949 was ''Hop Scotch Polka'' by Guy Lombardo. Howard said the Israelis have a great army now and they could have if they had guns. Howard played that and then another clip where a guy prank called a show live on the air and got in a Baba Booey and Howard Stern's penis.

Fred had Ronnie yelling out 69 and then changed it to 68. He said he's the oldest head of security in the world. He said he would have been ripped and you get to hang out with hot chicks. Howard took a call from a guy who said that he's out of his mind thinking that having guns would have changed World War II. He said that it's anti-Semitic saying that they could have done something. Howard said that some guys from Solar Roast coffee were doing an interview and got out a Baba Booey mention during their appearance on the news. Howard said they had a sports anchor give a Baba Booey while playing some college softball highlights. Howard played a clip during a news report about President Trump where someone got in a Baba Booey.

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The caller said Howard has this weird disgust in his voice when Richard said he was going on Paternity for a month. He said he's happy he's having a baby quite frankly. Howard said he's never heard of a guy taking a month off for paternity leave.

Then Richard had Ronnie tell the woman he'll be 69 next year. Howard said he has never heard a woman put it that way. am Howard said today they're going to crown Miss Cocktober. Howard said that's the first time he's heard about a reveal party. Howard said it's fine to celebrate your children but some of this inconveniences people. Howard said she must think about what it would be like if he mounted her. Howard said if he had asked would she have given herself to him. Robin said that the George HW Bush thing is that he was running around patting women on the butt. Howard said he was reading about a guy who claims when he was 14 Kevin Spacey was hitting on him.

Richard asked the woman to sing to Ronnie but she said her voice would probably kill him. He said about 50 people stormed the beach and a plane came by pulling a banner saying ''It's a boy.'' Howard said that's people with a lot of money and time to waste. Howard said he can't have any self esteem after that. Howard said every day there are new accusations coming out.

Howard said the audience of the radio show is usually bigger than the TV show and it's desperation. Howard played a clip of this guy Lance talking about that. Howard said she was on a show talking about how she's not going to play the blame game with what men have done to her.

Robin said they'd be all excited about it and give tons of promotion for very little. He said there's a guy named Lance Walnow who claims that God is picking them off because they were against Trump. Howard said he's saying God was pissed off because he was into Trump and now he's pissed and exposing these people. Howard said he let it go on for 30 years but then he decided it was wrong. Howard said this Stacey Dash was so cute in the movie Clueless.

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