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After a great report from Newsday’s Marc Carig made its way online, everyone had an opinion about it.That original report not only showed the disdain between the Mets front office and the team’s manager, Terry Collins, but also how certain players were unhappy with his leadership style throughout the year.

Wigler: Your hobbies include figuring out how to live forever.

The 33-year-old missed four months of play last season after being diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal that compresses and inflames the nerves running through the spine, causing sharp, immobilizing pain in the lower back that in some cases extends to the legs.

He hasn’t had a pain-free day since—and won’t, for however long his career lasts.

I don’t have them all committed to memory, but I have a big portion of them. Chess has taught me to always look ahead so I’m prepared to seize an opportunity when one presents itself.

My eyes and ears will be at full attention, searching for any hint of a vote going bad for me.

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