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If nothing else, his father must have given him a share of his swagger.

It was not Marcus' first public display of questionable behavior.

I would like to see Blake Griffin as their marriage official, as he has done some standup comedy and could probably make everyone laugh with a few jokes.

De Andre Jordan would make a good flower girl (he already has a wig from the Allstate commercials).

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Hotel parking lots in Omaha are rarely the sources of national news, for instance -- unless Michael Jordan's son happens to get handcuffed in one. Some are better than others, but it's just not a job that allows any of us to be perfect. It requires too many different skills, from tenderness to absolute resolve.And even if there were such a thing as a perfect father, our children would still slip out of our careful reach, because that's the natural order of things: One day we won't be their fathers anymore.Outside of those missteps, most of us probably last gave thought to Michael Jordan's kids during his sometimes vicious Hall of Fame induction speech back in 2009.Interrupting his blistering of former coaches, employers and teammates, Jordan turned to his three children (he also shares a daughter with his ex-wife, Juanita) and said: "You guys have a heavy burden.

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