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I can live with a few plot holes and I'm willing to use my imagination, but please, this is really stretching it too far. Apparently the writers thought we were as stupid as the characters. And I hope the makers of this show never make television again. There is not one smart character in this entire show! I really don't understand what people liked about this show.By season 5 I was rooting for A and hoping they would all get killed. It also includes intense crushes and potential boyfriends or girlfriends.This group mainly consists of the four main "love interests": Toby, Caleb, Paige and Ezra.The major relationships in Season 1 are: Ezria (On/Off), Emaya (On/Off), Seanna (Broken Up), Lanna (One-Sided Crush), Tobily (One-Sided Crush), Ariel (Briefly), Haleb (On/Off), Paily (Briefly), Wrencer (Briefly), Spalex (Official, then Broken Up), and Emison (Flashback; Kissed).

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One year later, the estranged friends are reunited as they begin receiving messages from a mysterious figure named "A", who threatens to expose their deepest secrets, including ones they thought only Alison knew.

) on Instagram over the weekend, with the caption: "Coming soon on PLL." Ummmm, w-h-a-t?!

The Love Interests is a rhetorical group of people who were or are currently dating the Liars specifically.

season five left us with a lot of disappointments: Mona died and Alison proved once again that she can't be trusted (what is the deal with her and Zach?? The one good thing we did get from that last episode is that Emily and Paige were getting back together.

Except now we're starting to second guess that thanks to a mysterious new pic. Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell both shared a photo of them kissing (!!!

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