Who is heather mills dating now

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“It’s next Tuesday, but it’s top secret,” said the dapper Leslie, who has a fondness for disco dancing and turning up in the castle dining room in his pajamas and robe.“I have to keep it dead secret.” By then word was out that the castle’s 14 suites—which lack phones, TVs and clocks—had been block-booked for two weeks, as had two nearby hotels.The fun began that night when the bride’s and groom’s families met for the first time.Twelve members from each side, as well as four band members from Mc Cartney’s recent 19-city Driving USA tour, gathered in the castle’s main hall for a vegetarian meal.However, the IPC discovered at an event on Monday that Mills' adaptive skiing equipment did not meet their qualifications, which resulted in the alleged argument with the IPC official.PHOTOS: Olympians' darkest secrets Mills' team denied the accusations of abuse in a statement to BBC: "Heather waited patiently — as the IPC confirmed — to try and explain to Sylvana Mestre that her left boot was legal and purely cosmetic to abide by the archaic IPC rules.In her hands Heather carried a bouquet of 11 red-pink Mc Cartney roses, so named in 1993 in honor of the man who waited for her at the altar: Sir Paul Mc Cartney.Just a week shy of his 60th birthday, the ex- had chosen the spot for its personal resonance: His mother, Mary Patricia, was born in County Monaghan. English poet and friend Adrian Mitchell read a verse written in the couple’s honor; guests sang traditional hymns while a soft rain fell outside.

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The food, however, depended on Irish talent: The castle’s head chef, Noel Mc Meel, prepared the Indian-theme vegetarian meal, while pastry chef Garry Mc Dowell made a strawberry dessert.

"Occasionally in sport equipment issues arise, especially with adaptive equipment and the interpretation of the rules in relation to its use.

Therefore we are all saddened that she has decided to retire at this stage, rather than working with BDST and IPC Skiing to resolve the issue," a statement made Tuesday from the British Paralympic Association read (via CNN).

Days before the wedding a Mills friend said, “It’s been up and down, and I think it’s pretty down at the moment.” As Stella passed through Heathrow on June 10, however, she put a better face on it.

“It certainly does have my blessing,” she told reporters of the wedding.

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