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I no that they are popular cars that you can buy a few models back but if I showed every models in these videos It would take over an hour to show the list.Those that are looking for best valued cars another video is coming soon.The examiner can almost smell this uncertainty and therefore is much more likely to place more significances on any driving faults that occur.After all the examiners is only human and they want you to be safe on the road afterwards.

Such as not completely "STOPPING "at a stop sign for 2-3 seconds ? I am sure that it will bring you very close to a pass . 0418435312There are 4 main reasons why people fail their driving test in Australia: 1. - © 2004-2015How I passed my driving test, We've been filming this epic how I passed my driving test video over the past month. :) Hey Im Natalia PO BOX 6903 Charnwood ACT 2615 Australia Business Enquires: Hey Im Natalia[at] Links: Gaming Channel- Hey Im Natalia Games Travel Channel- Yeah Im Natalia Facebook- Hey Im Natalia Twitter- Hey Im Natalia Instagram- agram/Hey Im Natalia YT Tumblr- Check out my web sites: http//: or http//: In my video I demonstrate how to correctly Steer your vehicle into junctions. While it is important to correctly turn your wheel it is equally important to obtain your correct road position and control of speed as you approach your turn.

Maybe that second opinion can help the new driver with identifying the value of correct steering techniques and not Oversteering with over speed ?

This one point may just save an accident from occurring ?

Unfortunately, the test was not successful, a combination of the mock test experience (which only confussed her and made her believe she was missing something), negative stories about the test from people she knew and some of the highly judgemental comments on here about mirrors ect caused Claire to doubt herself.

Once you get into the frame of mind of trying to second guess what you think the examiner wants rather than having trust in your own ability to drive safely (no matter what) the thoughts and emotions that follow such doubts really do interfere with your performance and therefore your chances of being successful.

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