Who is morgan beck dating

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"When everything is stripped away—it happens in sports or when someone is stressed—you see who a person really is, even someone like Morgan, who has as thick a wall as anyone I've ever met." "He said that's when he knew I was his soul mate," Morgan says, feigning gushiness and leaning into him in a booth at Bambara, a Salt Lake City bistro where we're having dinner.

"No, I didn't know that until June," says Bode. The lovebirds flew in from very different habitats.

At 36, Bode is on the old side for an athlete, but when he's around any kind of competition the adrenaline still flows.

It's August 2013, and Bode is in Salt Lake City's Liberty Park watching his wife, 26-year-old Morgan Beck Miller, lose in a tournament put on by the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP).

A couple of friends sitting near him in the VIP section look worried.

In that outpouring of raw emotion, he says, he saw every-thing he wanted in a woman.

"She was trying to be macho and hide it, but I saw it," he tells me, his stubble now speckled with gray.

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