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Clay arrived and Nick defended him as well as Jeremy Danvers from Stephen's taunts.

After Clay fights Stephen for insulting Jeremy, Nick defends Clay by making it seem as if the broken radio was part of the reason for the fight so Jeremy doesn't discover he was being mocked behind his back.

That night, his guilt over the gut-wrenching decision became too much to bear.

Their first meeting doesn't go well with Clay thinking he needs to exert his dominance and tackling Nick to the ground, causing Nick to wet himself.

Rocco is no more.” Dog owner James Steven Grant said Santino left two rawhide bones on his doorstep and earlier was seen tearfully giving away Rocco’s fluffy bed. He spent Tuesday in agony over what he had done to Rocco.

“He was distraught and remorseful about putting down his best friend,” Cleary said.

After he put Rocco down, Santino gave some of his dog treats to the doorman of the building with tears flowing down his face.

Neighbours heard him say: ‘Give these to the other dogs.

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