Who is rapper chingy dating dating a caribbean man

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She is also, as you say, "canned and commercial" (as is Streisand, although Streisand can at least sing unlike Madonna) I've never been a big Madonna fan, and Lord knows she's no more than a passable singer and dancer, but the fact remains that she has her name (and songwriting credits) on an incredibly long list of hit singles that in most cases are genuinely well-crafted pop songs (melody, arrangements, lyrics) and are much more memorable than anything Beyonce has done.

Zac Efron, straight, not so sweet, hugely abmitious." How can we trust you when everything you post is a lie? Beyonce is no musical genius but she can certainly outsing Madonna (and outact Madonna) "Please.A lot of the black & Latino celebs seem to go for t-girls. Tony Parker gets lots of sympathy from his teammates and close friends because she is a very demanding "purse" oriented bitch. She is a , and has tried (unsuccessfully) to date other actors, but he's the only one who took the bait, so she's sticking with him. Beyonce is nowhere near in the same class as Madonna. Beyonce owes everything she is to her father and to Jay Z. Even the fashion line, Derion, that she had her mother promote. That is her wish list of who she would like not to be gay.Rapper Chingy has been catching a lot of hell in the hip-hop community for having dated a tranny named Sidney Starr. Marshall Mathers is straight, clean for now, and trying to get back into acting. She wants to play the high society, international jetsetter. Eva is very put off by ordinary people wanting autographs or photos or even speaking to her. And yeah, he's a raging alcoholic and loves cocaine as well. It's weird how most celebrity gossip threads on here devolve more into a fierce argument about who is really straight, rather than gay.Chirs Evans, Straight, estranged from his gay brother.Hayden C - Sttaight, snob, thinks he is too good to talk to the few fans he has.

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